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Your First Step

What We Do
We provide an environment where recovery can take root from alcoholism and/or drug addiction. We accomplish this by giving our residence a hand up, not a hand out. Each of our residences learn to live life under life's terms by applying the 12 steps & principals originated by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) daily.

Who We Are
Four County Transitional Living (4CTL) is managed and staffed by those who have recovered.

Our Purpose
The need for a non-medical facility to support the alcoholic continues to increase every year. The alcoholic's re-entry into society can be very difficult and one of the critical phases of rehabilitation.

The main purpose for the facility is to provide an opportunity for recovering individuals to live in a supportive peer environment as long as they do not relapse in using alcohol and/or drugs. The facility will provide support to help the individual start a new way of living without the use of alcohol and/or unauthorized mind altering chemicals. We feel the way this can be accomplished is through regular attendance at 12 Step Support Groups and any additional professional care as needed.

We feel the house itself cannot assure sobriety, residents follow a plan of recovery, as well as adhering to the intended atmosphere of the house will be able to re-enter society and live a sober, productive and useful life.
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